After its success on mobile phones, Trivia Crack’s characters hit the small screen with an animated series produced by Juan José Campanella.

February 21st, 2017

This year 2017, will start the production of a new animated series that will possibly air on TV next year. The game has over 200 millions users worldwide and was developed by the Argentine company Etermax.

Two Argentine entertainment companies that trascended that transcended the borders of our country. With Metegol, Mundoloco CGI, whose most visible face is its co-founder Juan José Campanella, won international awards such as the Goya and the New York festival, among others. In addition, the film was released in more than 50 countries. Etermax, meanwhile, was able to conquer different areas: first, with Apalabrados – the most downloaded in all history in Spain, for example – and then with Trivia Crack, which already exceeds 200 million users leading the rankings of downloads in the US , Turkey and more than 35 countries. Etermax has a team of more than 280 employees between its offices in Argentina and Uruguay.

Now, both companies have teamed up to create an animated series, in which the characters Willy, Tito, Hector, Albert, Tina, Pop and Bonzo will come to life in a television format taking their adventures in a fun-filled show for the whole family, but focused mainly on kids between 8 and 12 years.

As they announced, “The series promises to include the challenge of questions and answers from the famous mobile game into a new dimension, while maintaining its educative and recreational spirit .”

“We’re thrilled to begin developing this new groundbreaking series, and help transform the learning process into an exciting adventure,” said Juan José Campanella, Mundoloco CGI’s co-founder, and director of the Academy Award film The Secret in Their Eyes.

Maximo Cavazzani, CEO of Etermax, believes this project will promote the local industry, “to work side by side with a director as important as Juan (Campanella) is a great honor. We are very excited to see how the characters from Trivia Crack come to life and continue to entertain and spread knowledge to families all over the world. This project will demonstrate the quality of work that can be achieved in Argentina.”

In the next four months there will be a team of 15 people responsible for the development of the contents and scripts, to continue with the animation process. The release date is set for next year and throughout 2017 they will be developing the series.

Will the movie come later? “This is an intermediate step, but it could be possible based on how it works,” they said.

By Sebastián Davidovsky